Finally! Beta is here!

Ravecraft is on its way to relaunch! We're going to deliver the best Civilization survival gameplay and community we can. We can only do this through your continued support and help. Pre-building is happening right now with our veteran players.

Big Changes

  • Goodbye forum!

    The Rave forums will be leaving, replaced with a new (currently under construction) subreddit. We'll keep a read-only copy of the forums up for archival purposes, though.

  • Civilization Gameplay

    With help from plugins designed by Devoted's devs, we will join the ranks of Civilization Minecraft servers. Documentation on how to use these plugins will be provided before launch, so you can get a head start!

  • Custom Map

    We've created a custom world map for Ravecraft Civilization, (Generation 18) and we can't wait until you all start creating your own nations and factions on it.


Ravecraft was established on August 31, 2011.
Viva la Ravecraft.

  • 5 ½ Years
  • 400+ Forum Members
  • 2000+ Forum Posts
  • Countless Hours Spent
  • Tons Of Friends Made

Ravecraft grew out of a small group of friends, to one of the biggest MLP:FIM themed Minecraft communities on the planet. Although our MLP theme has gone away in recent years, it still brought us to where we were. We've gone through 17 map changes, or generations as we call them. We've gained friends, and had great times together. It's time to turn the page to the next chapter and keep this train moving. Ravecraft has been down since October 2016, after a massive data loss problem. Since then, life has gotten in the way of work on it to return it to working condition. Today, we're working hard to bring you a brand new Ravecraft experience, the Civilization server. Ravecraft used to be vanilla survival with some economy added in, but it's clear that this model is a model of the past. We're ready to give you a great new experience, while keeping some nostalgic quirks. Thanks for waiting, and we'll be with you soon enough.
- Nine

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